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Waxed and pre-tabbed TCR 21/12
Code: C1TCR21/12-10PZ
Manufacturer: Monterosa Zelandi Srl
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Request for info
Waxed and pre-tabbed TCR 21/12 wick
(10 units)

For your 60-70mm diameter container candles

Wick type:
TCR wick
TCR 21/12
10 units & their sustainers.
The wicks are waxed and pre-tabbed with sustainers inserted,
cut at 100mm lengths and delivered in a transparent bag.

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Some information about our TCR wicks

Ecological tightly braided wick series. Our TRECCIOLINO TCR is made from pure long strand ring spun cotton and paper and it has been especially designed for candles made from natural ingredients usually adopted for cosmetic use (e.g.: shea butter) and vegetable-based wax candles.

Our TRECCIOLINO TCR wick is made from pure cotton intertwined with a twisted thread of paper.
The excellent burn profile which prevents from mushrooming and sooting and minimises smoke is ensured by the top quality cotton used in the process and the particular structure of the wick with its core surrounded by an external supportive jacket.
This product is ideal for candles made using a high percentage of glycerin and/or scents and it is highly employed in decorative pillar candles as well.
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In compliance with the European REACH regulation regarding chemicals.
No SVHC substances included - i.e.: Substances of Very High Concern, such as boric acid or borax, as referred to in the official REACH documents (you can view the complete list of these substances following the URL:, nor any of the substances requiring special ECHA authorisations (CHK) to the present date.

No metal core - lead-free - nylon-free.

RAL certified product by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. / Quality Association for Candles. Monterosa Zelandi S.r.l. belongs to the restricted list of RAL accredited suppliers, meeting the high standars required (RAL European Quality Mark candles –

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